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Home Design & Construction in Whitby

Originally surveyed in 1792 and settled in 1800, Whitby is a town filled with history, culture and beautiful buildings.

With so much culture and heritage in Whitby, home owners looking to preserve this historic charm or pay homage to it through the use of modern design elements turn Sensus Design and Build to ensure their vision is seen through to a high standard.

Whether you are building, renovating or looking for beautiful architectural design in Whitby Sensus Design and Build are the experts

You may be looking for a new build that captures the essence of the 1800’s while enjoying all of the modern amenities that support a functional lifestyle, or perhaps you are looking for something cutting edge and modern, all of this is possible when working with Sensus Design and Build.

Our firm strongly believes that no two homeowners are the same, nor should their homes be. We’re passionate about the entire design process of your custom home in Whitby – from start to finish.

Our team ensure our clients enjoy every step of the design and construction process

It’s not simply about the building of your new Whitby home, at Sensus Design and Build it’s about the experience and ensuring that you and your family enjoy the process every step of the way.

From the completion of feasibility studies, through to architectural design, interior design and construction, not to mention zoning and local government approvals – our qualified, connected and dedicated design and construction team ensure your design and construction process is seamless.

Our team provides clear and transparent quotes, appraisals and design guidance to ensure complete transparency of the costs, project timelines, and clear steps to avoid the potential pitfalls of your home design or construction project. We are involved every step of the way to ensure everything runs as it should.

Want to restore a home in Whitby? Speak with the restoration experts from Sensus Design and Build

With so many heritage homes in Whitby, if your passion is to preserve a beautiful and historic home that needs a little love in the construction department, our team of interior and exterior designers can work with you to bring your historic home back to life.

By engaging only the finest contractors in Whitby, we’ve carved a reputation as the leading building and design group in the area.

From traditional, contemporary, modern, sustainable and everything in between, our home design team works with your vision and will walk you through your house in the design phase using 3D modelling software.

We have a full team of experienced and knowledgeable interior designers, construction experts, and architects to ensure your building or renovation experience is seamless from start to finish.

If you’re searching for a bespoke home design to construct in Whitby, arrange your complimentary consultation with our team and we will make your dream home a reality.

Looking for your next dream home design and build in Whitby?
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