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Victorian Home Architecture & Design

Queen Victoria was an influential figure and Victorian home architecture and design continues to be a popular choice for design and construction even in today’s modern era.

The styles during the Victorian period of design are typically divided into three separate eras including ‘early-Victorian’ (up to 1860), ‘mid-Victorian’ (1860 to 1875) and ‘late-Victorian’ (1875 to 1901). All three styles were key periods in the Victorian home architecture period and have their own unique and enchanting features and architectural characteristics.

If you’re looking for a beautiful and timeless architecture and design, consider a Victorian home

The earlier Victorian home styles were typically brick structures that included pitched roofs that were clad in a range of materials including tiles, slate or corrugated iron. Victorian homes of this era consisted of a picket fence and small gardens at the front of the home. Inside the home moulded skirting, high ceilings, and narrow proportions characterized these timeless architectural pieces.

Meanwhile, the mid-Victorian home resembles a style that we all know and love and familiar elements include decorative interior and exterior styling, a terracotta roof, and eaves with decorative buckets. Polished wooden flooring, plaster walls and ceilings with moulded skirting and architraves of the earlier Victorian period are also part of this period as well as decorative inlays in the roof – such as roses or flu delis.

The late Victorian home style incorporates a generous amount of Italian style

The later Victorian home style was influenced by Italian design, which meant extreme decoration was prominent in late Victorian style homes. This included arches, parapets, and decorative rendering to make the outside structure pop. Intricate iron lace in doorways, patterned tiling, and bold colours that were striking were prevalent.

When it came to the furnishings and fixtures, grand lighting features such as chandeliers or pendants lit the room, often in the centre or around key areas such as ornate fireplaces or dining areas where people would congregate. Dark wooden furniture including tables, sideboards, stands and clocks lined the rooms, while comfortable – often oversized – one, two or three seater couches were strategically placed around warm areas for entertainment and relaxation.

Sensus Design and Build are the end-to-end Victorian home construction and renovation specialists. Our designers, construction team, and architects truly understand this period, key characteristics and how to deliver the best of the old, with the modern touches that can make your home truly unique.

Victorian home architecture and design is alive and well thanks to Sensus Design and Build

Understanding both the design style and the responsibility of getting the characteristics of the home right in every detail, we understand that a home is for living with all of the modern conveniences of today. Our builds incorporate all of the essential internal and external conveniences and functionality that were not required or available in the Victorian era.

Sensus Design and Build is the design and construction team that can make your Victorian home a reality. Our one-stop-shop design and build process allows our architects, interior designers, and construction team to work collaboratively throughout the process in order to ensure that every detail is captured.

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