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Unique Architectural Features that Create Strong Focal Points in Your Interior Design Plan

By John Luke

Unique Architectural Features that Create Strong Focal Points in Your Interior Design Plan

When you decide to design and build a new home, you get to start from scratch and really create the home of your dreams. You get to customize every aspect of the exterior and interior to fit your own personal taste and your lifestyle. With the design and build model, you also get the opportunity to create a home that is truly unique, with architectural design features that are often lacking in tract housing, cookie-cutter design options.

Strong architectural focal points are what create an impactful and memorable home design. When designing and building your own home, you get the benefit of being able to make architectural features the focus of your home design instead of trying to make bland rooms interesting with furniture and accessories after the fact. You can let the home design and architecture speak for itself.

Here are some ideas for unique architectural features to incorporate into your home design to add interest and a strong focal point.

Unique Feature Window

A unique feature window is a great way to create an architectural focal point in your space. Whether it’s a large bay window, a large picture window, or a wall of floor-to-ceiling windows, a unique window feature adds interest in a space. A feature window elevates the design of your home, and offers the opportunity to take advantage of a noteworthy view. If your home is situated within view of beautiful scenery, be it hills, waterfront, etc., a custom window will allow you to highlight this feature from the interior.

Statement Fireplace

Fireplaces are a natural focal point in any living space. A fireplace instantly adds the feeling of warmth and comfort in a space, and acts as the perfect hub for entertaining. Customize your statement fireplace to take advantage of the unique attributes of your home. If you have high ceilings and an open floorplan, this offers the opportunity to extend a built-out fireplace up the entire height of the wall to create a strong architectural focal point.

Grand Entryway Staircase

Incorporating a grand entryway staircase into your home design will have a strong impact as soon as your guests enter the home. Spiral or curved staircases, bifurcated staircases, and split double staircases create a luxurious focal point to evoke the feeling of grandeur in the main entryway of your home.

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