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Traditional Home Design & Construction

Traditional style is built upon a foundation of a range of styles, however at its core it is warm, inviting, and features rich colours aimed at creating the feeling that you are at home. To explain this further, it should not sacrifice function over form, but instead uses form to increase function through the creation of inviting gathering spaces and comforting aesthetics.

Traditional home design and construction is Sensus Design and Build’s speciality

In a traditional home it’s paramount that your desired colours, furniture pieces, and design features are incorporated into the design no matter how bold as they simply blend to add the feeling of calmness and simplicity that represents your taste. That is not to say these rooms are simple by many means, they are often stunning rooms filled with light bathing the room from the large windows and bouncing off the traditional white walls and paintings around the home.

From an interior decoration standpoint, the use of table lamps, feature lighting, drapes, curtains and ornaments are welcomed by the traditional design, as long as they are not too bold, but more add to the welcoming and warm aesthetics of your home.

Traditional homes are especially effective in regions with cold climates, snow and conditions that you simply want to escape. They offer a warm, inviting, and personalized escape from the cold. Our team of architectural designers, interior designers, and self-performing construction staff are experts in designing, styling, and constructing this style of home, which has a specific look and feel tailored to your family.

Constructing or renovating your traditional home in Ontario is a breeze with Sensus Design and Build

When it comes to the construction of your traditional home, success largely comes down to the design. Sensus Design and Build are experts in understanding the traditional style and how it can work for you, your family, your block, and your individual needs based on your lifestyle – after all, it is your home.

Walk through your new traditional home before you turn soil with 3D rendering technology

Through the use of 3D modelling technology, our architectural design and interior design team can walk you through your new home so that you can review the size, layout, interior spaces, colours and positioning. This allows you to identify any issues before soil is even turned on your project – saving time, money, and offering you unparcelled input into your own dream home.

The construction of your traditional home is just as important as the design, with traditional materials and building methods being employed to achieve the look and feel of the traditional home. Meanwhile, our construction teams cutting-edge systems and skills will allow you to modernize this traditional home to provide you with modern amenities that make a space truly functional.

The Sensus Design and Build team are not only proud of our beautiful traditional design and construction projects, but are also proud of the service and process we offer our clients. To ensure the ultimate in satisfaction, our team ensures that transparency, accountability, and keeping you engaged every step of the way is paramount. This approach ensures that your budget stays intact and the timeframe and deliverables are met beyond your expectations.

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