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Trade Resource Structure

Did you know that Sensus Design and Build owns a series of subsidiary trade companies that operate in the GTA?

Labour Aggregation

Sensus takes this approach to avoid the use of other trade aggregators in the market who simply act as a middle man while making a large markup on every contract. These companies operate using the same HST number as Sensus Design and Build and serve as trade aggregators for the firm in order to assemble manpower through numerous smaller labour facets in the market. These smaller vendors that are less stable than larger subcontractors, who often don’t have an established invoicing system (informal paper, text, and email quotes), office space, or consistent cashflow. These companies service both the client projects of Sensus Design and Build as well as those of general contractors in the GTA.

How Sensus Clients Benefit:

  • Efficiencies as a result of the avoidance of larger aggregators fees
  • Specialized labour availability at highly competitive rates required to meet project timelines
  • Simplicity of contractual agreements
  • Lower project risk profile

How Sensus Vendors Benefit:

  • Accounting Aid
  • Provision of office space for planning purposes
  • Scheduling aid
  • Cashflow dispersion based on operational needs

This is a resource we are very proud to have developed, as the assembly and management of these resources is beyond the frequency of management that Sensus Design and Build is able to provide.

Should any current or future clientele have questions about this structure please reach out to [email protected].

If you are a tradesman and think you can benefit from our structure, please fill out the contact form below: