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The Importance of Managing Timelines Throughout the Building Process

By John Luke

The Importance of Managing Timelines Throughout the Building Process

As a homeowner, there is a lot to consider when designing and building a new home. If you already have a home, you have to consider your current cost of living while also investing substantial funds into your new home. You also have to consider when to put your home up for sale in order to ensure a smooth transition. If you are renting or living with family, you have to consider when you will be moving out and give your landlord or hosts adequate advanced notice.

All of these factors rely on a smooth home build process that goes according to schedule. Managing timelines and respecting a client’s completion schedule commitments is the mark of a good, reliable home builder. Learn more about why you should make sure your GTA home building company has a strong reputation for reliable project management and timely project completion.

Building Client Trust and Respect

As a home builder, making sure the construction timelines and schedules remain consistent with the plan is an integral part of building trust and respect with your client. Of course, unexpected problems and sudden changes to the building plans can push back the completion schedule, but a good home builder will set accurate expectations every step of the way, and respect the fact that you are planning many other aspects of your life around the project completion timeline.

Neglecting Project Management Affects Budget

It is important for builders to remain on time, as delays and deferrals can take up a lot of funds in the budget. Every phase of the build has a domino effect, so if one phase of the build is pushed back a week, it could mean the next team of contracted tradesmen scheduled to begin on a certain date have to move on to another job. This could leave you paying a premium for a new subcontractor on short notice – or leave your project on hold for another three weeks.

Home Builder Accountability

You want your home builder to accept responsibility and be held accountable to the project timeline and the design plans set out at the beginning of the project. With a design and build company, you will know that your design plans are feasible for construction and can rest assured that any changes that need to occur during the build process will be handled by the building team and not have a drastic effect on the completion schedule.

Sensus Design & Build offers a unique online project management software that allows homeowners, as well as consultants, designers, and trades involved with the project to access scheduling and timeline information, project updates, and more. Learn more about Sensus Design & Build’s seamless building process.

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