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The Importance of Communication and a Transparent Client Experience

By John Luke

The Importance of Communication and a Transparent Client Experience

Transparency and open communication are two essential factors that must be present in order for a large scale project to run efficiently and for the client to have a positive experience. It’s even more imperative when it comes to developing a home design and build project, when there are many variables on the table. In order to ensure a smooth and productive process, client-builder transparency and communication is key. Here are just a few reasons you should make sure your home builder places a large emphasis on client transparency.

Better Communication Between Builder & Homeowner

Communication is a key factor in the success of any large project. Better transparency means better communication between the homeowner and builder. When the builder is clear about what they are planning and what the homeowner can expect, there is much better communication throughout the whole process and the project will run smoother.

Remain on Budget

If there is a lack of clarity in plans for materials, design, or finishes, this can really push the timeline and budget of your home build off-course. It is important for homeowners to realize the costs of what they are selecting as the building process evolves so that there are no surprises or changes down the line that will affect the budget.

Stick to the Timeline

When a design and build project moves along on schedule, it makes everything a whole lot easier to complete. It’s important for clients to realize that a change to the design means a change to the timeline and the price tag. Strong communication, clarity, and transparency at every milestone in the process will help prevent the occurrence of last-minute changes.

Increase Client Satisfaction

Maintaining open and accessible communication between builder and client increases client satisfaction. In the end, the homeowner is happier since they were able to monitor the process and make changes along the way, meaning no regrets and a beautiful home that they love at the end of the day.

As a home builder, when you provide a strong platform for communication, you provide better satisfaction on all fronts – the client knows what to expect and knows exactly where their investment is going. That’s why Sensus Design & Build developed the client portal app.

Sensus Design & Build has developed its app as a secure online project management system that allows clients, designers, and trades to access scheduling information, material selection, updates, 24/7 internal messaging service and much more. Available through iTunes or the Google Play Store, Sensus Design & Build makes it easy to stay informed during your home build process. Learn more about Sensus Design & Build today!

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