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  • The Role of Sketching, Sun Studies, and 3D Design
  • Zoning By-Laws
  • Lot Grading and Natural Features
  • Custom Home Design Process and Proposal Review
  • Interior Design Process and Proposal Review
  • Permit Timelines

You will receive the following:

  • Zoning Study
  • Custom Home Design Proposal and process
  • Interior Design Proposal and Process Breakdown
  • Detailed Construction Cost and Scope of Work
    Breakdown (If Applicable)
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Turks and Caicos Villa

The Modern Turks and Caicos Villa by Jesse Sahlani was designed for a lakefront lot in Burlington for an owner who loves to have a direct connection to nature when relaxing and entertaining. However, this home design is a little different than what you would see gracing the shores of this quaint node of the city, because true to its namesake, this home was inspired by the luxuriously tropical style of the beach front homes of Turks and Caicos Islands. Homes of this style commonly employ a white exterior to avoid excessive heat transfer in the face of relentless UV conditions, which, when paired with the floor to ceiling windows, gives a fresh and open feel to the space. By slickly setting the exterior soffits and the interior ceilings at the same height, Jesse was able to create a seamless connection between the interior and exterior spaces. This effect is fully realized through the large windows which frame the perfect views of the exterior landscape, while optimally harnessing natural sunlight on the interior of the home.

This connection to nature continues on the rear facade where Jesse sought to highly prioritize views of the lake in as many rooms as possible. Large accordion doors installed on either side of the L shape footprint create an incredibly wide open wall section that positions the exterior entertainment area as an extension of the living room offering access to the pool, tanning lounge, and outdoor kitchen. A raised concrete pool deck creates the ultimate outdoor entertainment space that provides a panoramic view of the lake. The exterior lighting plan for the home was designed to include wall washers and other architectural lighting applications to highlight different features of the structure itself, as well as the rear planters and tree uplighting setting the tone for the warm and ambient atmosphere in the evenings.

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