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Traditional Tudor Revival

Jesse Sahlani’s Traditional Tudor Revival home is a stunning embodiment of a classic house design style, boasting a luxurious and elegant exterior facade. The meticulous attention to detail is evident in every aspect, from the smooth limestone spires and tumbled limestone facade to the intricate window surround accents and smooth limestone panel accents scattered throughout. For Jesse, this level of detailed masonry design is a true passion and a heartfelt homage to a timeless design style.

By embracing this approach, Jesse successfully captures the essence of opulence and tradition associated with this grand design style, resulting in a finished product that stands the test of time. The careful consideration of proportions, choice of materials, and a multitude of refined features all contribute to the overall allure of the home. Even the roofing material was selected with historical accuracy and character in mind, opting for a diamond pattern slate that further enhances the authenticity of the structure.

While the rear of the house takes a more contemporary approach, the traditional charm remains intact. Large window openings flood the interior spaces with natural light, seamlessly connecting the indoor and outdoor entertainment areas. This modern twist, however, does not compromise the timeless appeal of the design. The rear balcony exemplifies this harmonious blend, featuring gracefully curved traditional wrought iron pickets that add a charmingly traditional touch, beautifully characterizing the rear facade. Complementing this is the covered porch, serving as an inviting outdoor dining

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