Made possible by our in-house service offerings, this in-depth review provides insight in to the major components of your project from a high level view, and provides clear steps forward to determining the feasibility of your requirements, and achieving them.

Our team will assess and review the following project components with you:

  • The Role of Sketching, Sun Studies, and 3D Design
  • Zoning By-Laws
  • Lot Grading and Natural Features
  • Custom Home Design Process and Proposal Review
  • Interior Design Process and Proposal Review
  • Permit Timelines

You will receive the following:

  • Zoning Study
  • Custom Home Design Proposal and process
  • Interior Design Proposal and Process Breakdown
  • Detailed Construction Cost and Scope of Work
    Breakdown (If Applicable)
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Thornhill French Chateau

The intent behind Jesse’s latest French Chateau’s design was meant to evoke a feeling of grand proportions and luxurious surroundings without losing its inviting charm. Centered around the creation of a home that will serve as the backdrop of a young family’s growth, this house design uses a combination of traditional and contemporary design elements that will allow the home to feel, and look, much grander than its 4,200 square above grade size would typically allow. Some of the contributors to this perceived grandness include tall windows spanning from the bottom of the first floor to the top of the second floor, a short yet impactful contemporary rendition of a chateau style roof, a stunning limestone facade that features steep art-deco style window surrounds, and a unique glass awning over the front door. As you can see, in Jesse’s typical fashion, there are a wealth of features in addition to those mentioned above that work together harmoniously to create the intended effect of accentuating the proportionality and symmetry intrinsic to his design; a result of starting each home he designs with a sketch.

The rear facade of any home Jesse designs is also meant to be architecturally significant, and not an unseen wall hidden away in the backyard. In fact, he views the rear facade as a way to characterize the rear living and entertainment spaces, which is always meant to be an extension of the interior living space. In this case, Jesse uses the tall floor to ceiling large fomat windows and a bi-fold accordion door to create what is essentially a rear window wall. Pair this with a detailed landscape plan to merge the interior and exterior spaces and the end result is an entertainment and family fun friendly finished product. Function is achieved through the use of two covered loggias that include a dining area, a lounge area, radiant heating, and direct access to the pool and tanning areas. Thinking about landscape design in this manner allows you to not only develop a unique home, but instead, every part of your home is developed to work together cohesively and functionally. A great example of this is the use of garden lighting to highlight architectural features on the building, specific tree/softscaping features, and add a unique ambient glow that the entertainment areas benefit significantly from.

Inside, a range of high end finishes that speak to both the opulent and refined taste of our clients. The potential starkness of tall open and airy spaces is tempered with a warm palette, dark and light wood tones, and accented with neutral marble. While getting the aesthetics of this home just right was of utmost importance, there is no shortage of luxury amenities included in this design featuring, a unique hand finished patina steel staircase, an entertaining kitchen, a wine lounge, a basement gym, sauna and home theater, each tailored to support our clients busy and active lifestyle.

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