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The Garden Gallery

Modern Leaside

The Garden Gallery by Jesse Sahlani is a minimalistic contemporary home, located in Etobicoke, ON. When approaching the home design for this home Jesse was intent on achieving the biggest requirement for his client; privacy. The result is a stunning massing and facade clad with aluminum panels and a low maintenance custom stained wood composite material. The massing and proportions of this home are easily understood while the window placement, albeit sparse, provides ample light to the interior without over compensating as a result of the use of sun path studies and creative rear window placement. The name of this homes is derived from one of the biggest features on the main floor of the home; an interior bonsai garden that makes creative use of the space below the stair well.

Other amenities included for this active family include a large entertaining kitchen, a full height atrium, four bedrooms equipped with ensuite bathrooms, a basement sauna, and gym to provide the perfect mix of an inviting environment, functional organization, and personal health and wellness time resources.

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