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Contemporary Mid-Town Restoration (In Planning)

Jesse’s latest mid-town Toronto restoration project was designed with the goal of turning a detached home built in the 50’s into a modern escape in the heart of the city. The decision to approach this as a restoration was so that our clients could benefit from the existing zoning-by laws that allowed them to have a sunken driveway as well as a much wider existing structure than current zoning by-laws would allow us to build today.

With that said, the home is not a historic restoration project and we were able to create a really stunning contemporary facade that is sure to characterize the neighborhood for many years to come. The exterior utilizes a unique thin profile limestone that was specified to create a far more modern profile than even the best brick options would allow. The windows, specifically mounted flush with the exterior to create a sleek and flush look, are sparse in the front to create a feeling of minimalism and privacy while still harnessing natural light at key times of day. The proportions of this home are notable too, offering what seems to be a two storey structure at first glance. The set back third storey however creates a unique location for the principle bedroom, walk in closet, and ensuite complete with a rear walkout terrace. Black granite retaining walls will also serve as planter boxes lining the driveway that offer unique ambient lighting in the evening.

On the interior, an open concept entertainment was created to support the family’s lifestyle. Jesse looked at every room in this home as an opportunity to create a highly cohesively finished interior that maintains a sleek style throughout the home. Four bedrooms, ensures that our clients will have space to grow. In the basement a guest bedroom with an ensuite bathroom that is perfect for guest accommodations, a gym, and a theater room make this home perfect for cozy weekends in. John-Luke will be taking this home into construction within the next 3-4 months and will have a similar interior design objective, sourcing the products and seeing through the installations to achieve the intended contemporary and minimalistic effect intended by Jesse.

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