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Markham Historic Restoration

When lead designer Jesse Sahlani was asked to take on a historic restoration project in the heart of downtown Unionville, built in 1877, his immediate response was yes. Being able to bring an old historic structure back to life is the epitome of a unique and passion filled challenge for Jesse, especially when an eclectically elegant interior is desired. The pairing of historic charm and modern amenities is a contrast that is sure to create a uniquely refined living environment in Jesse’s eyes, even if it because of the shock one might experience when walking into such an old historic structure that offers such a high level of finish on the interior design.

o that end, Jesse took the opportunity to use lots of colour, textures, and contrast while including a wealth of functional features throughout the home. The end result is a complete transformation of this 2,200 square foot cottage into a luxurious escape steps away from all of the amenities downtown Unionville has to offer. Herringbone floors grace the space throughout the home, and are absent only in the presence of black and white diamond pattern flooring in the kitchen and sitting rooms. The finishes throughout this home however, don’t seem out of place in comparison to such bold selections given that both Jesse and our client were intent on creating timelessly bold spaces.

One of our favorite features is the main floor staircase. Wrapped in a curved drywall railing, this marble clad staircase is a centerpiece in the home, serving an almost sculptural purpose in the room. A continuous black piano finish railing adds contrast and connection to other similar features seen throughout the home, while a pink marble clad bar nook similarly adds character to this space by offering a unique material and colour palette that most of our viewers have not been exposed to.

This theme is carried through to the second floor where the use of marble continues in the principle bathroom that features marble floor and wall cladding, along with a custom stone sink made from the same material. Each room on the second floor of the home has its own bold theme, whether it is achieved through the use of botanical wallpaper and bright green tiles, or calming mauve tones with matching floral wallpaper. In fact, this was part of the discussion when designing the home, in an attempt to capture all of the themes Jesse and our client adored so much.

Every detail that we designed throughout this stunning custom home have been selected, rendered, critiqued and obsessed over until we found balance of these larger than life materials that allowed us to maintain an elegant and timeless finished product. It is this process of exploration and refinement that allows us to continue to find inspiration in every project we commit to.

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