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East York English Cottage

To Jesse, there is something compelling about English Cottage architecture. These country homes are simultaneously grandiose and classic yet cozy and charming. English Cottages served primarily as second homes for England’s elite — allowing prominent townspeople to take a break from city life and conduct business and pleasure from the quiet comfort of the country. As such, these houses allowed for more architectural play and personalized expression. The oversized chimneys offer a nod to the country cottage style while still feeling grandiose and they often have high-pitched gable rooflines, sometimes mixed with a more shallow-pitched hip roof.

Jesse’s latest rendition of an English Cottage is in a much smaller format than typical of this design style. Designed for a 32 foot wide lot in Parkview Hills, this uniquely cozy and traditional feeling custom home design offers 2,800 square feet of functionality focused space. On the exterior, the use of light tumbled limestone cladding offers a far more refined, but similar, appearance to that of fieldstone or cobblestone typically used on these countryside homes. Juxtaposing tradition with more unique touches, the roof is clad with traditional cedar shakes and quaint window mullion detailing, while the grandiose front and rear limestone vestibules serve to shape the warm and inviting exterior facade that carries through the backyard entertainment spaces.

The landscape design is reminiscent of the lush and elaborate English gardens synonymous with this design style. To that end Jesse includes a mixture of beech trees, boxwood shrubs, hydrangeas, and wall vines to replicate the lush surroundings that more and more feel like an extension of the home itself as you continue to design. In the rear however, a sleek at grade pool, tanning, dining, and fire pit area to support entertaining and family fun.

Inside, a traditional farmhouse style interior offers the perfect amount of amenities for a family of four including three bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and built-in closets, lots of storage space, and an open concept floor plan made for family fun and entertaining. We can’t wait to release more details of the interiors of this quaint custom home!

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