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Contemporary Alpine Chalet (IN PLANNING)

The Contemporary Alpine Chalet offers a unique take on a west coast classic chalet style where designer, Jesse Sahlani, combines a mixture of textures and styles to create the juxtaposition that characterizes the exterior of this grand home. When Jesse designs a contemporary home there is never one single feature that you can point out to categorize the structure within this design style. Instead, a number of minor details create this effect, such as the traditional and dramatic steep peaked roof, clad in smooth custom standing seam metal, and the flat single-storey modern flat roof that tops the rustic limestone front volume. The smooth composite black aluminum panels around the front entrance highlight the sheer size of the transom window above the front door flooding the two-storey foyer with natural light. Square garden beds, sleek chimney caps, and a smooth black garage door are balanced by the natural rustic cedar siding and stone claddings that temper the modern elements of the home to give it an overall contemporary feel.

Jesse always uses exterior landscaping as a place to bring together the interior and exterior environments of the home. Here, square planter boxes that frame the exterior entertainment space are clad with the same limestone that characterizes the front. Tree selection for the exterior often plays a major role in both exterior aesthetics and function. Shrubbery is used to complement the interior design through the intentional selection and placement where they will be framed by the large format windows through the seasons, while larger trees will line the space to create a natural and private space. Stylistically, we have a lot to show off with this house and we will be releasing interior renderings in the coming weeks!

Inside, this home is designed for a growing family and includes amenities that support their needs today as well as their future needs. Four bedrooms with ensuite bathrooms and walk-in closets were a priority to make busy mornings easier to manage, and this will also support future family gatherings when the kids are moved out and come in from out of town over the holidays. A purpose-built office was also a priority for the parents who both currently work from home but can adapt to serve the children well as they progress through their schooling. A gaming room, basement recreation room, home theater, and of course an inviting open-concept living room and kitchen have all been optimized for the busy schedules and growing needs of this family of four.

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