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Belleville Lakehouse

The Lakefront Estate home, lining the shores of Belleville, is one of Jesse Sahlani’s most outwardly modern designs to date. The lot this home sits on is prestigiously large in addition to having a generous shoreline. Jesse used these lot features to create a home that features a unique “L” shaped footprint, as well as a second floor that is much smaller than the footprint of the main floor, resulting in a stunningly geometric massing. The garage and full height foyer grace the front of the lot as you drive up to it, but this view wont give you the full picture. As you enter the home, or turn the corner from the exterior, you will notice that the bulk of the homes massing faces the lake and is lined with floor to ceiling windows. Of course, the rest of the exterior cladding materials steal the show as well including aluminum panels, unique exterior wood siding, and white concrete parging accents throughout the exterior.


The interior features a full height office, library, and foyer, as well as an expansive ground floor open concept floor plan that harnesses almost 11 hours of natural light during the summer solstice. Large patio doors on both levels of the home offer access to both main and second level exterior terraces. Each terrace is designed to offer amenities that make it a true part of the home including unique deck tiles, planter placement, patio heaters, and overhangs to shield you from the elements while enjoying views of the water!

What most clients have a hard time grasping about this design is the sheer size. This home features ten foot ceilings throughout both above grade levels of the home, and the width of the face of the home facing the lake still seems low and wide to the point where the height pales in comparison to the width of the structure. This attention to proportions is what sets a design of this nature apart as it is the largest impetus behind the feeling of grandeur you experience when approaching the structure.

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