Peter Lik; The Equation of Time

If you have recently visited our design studio then you couldn’t have missed one of our prized possessions; an audaciously large book by artist Peter Lik, called the Equation of Time. Jesse and I have always found inspiration in paintings, sculpture, and photography, especially when the decor of a space is an eclectic mixture of unique portions, timeless finishes, and collectible art. One of our favorite artists is Peter Lik, a well-known Australian landscape photographer who has gained international recognition for his work. I first heard about Peter Lik in New York, where I stumbled upon his gallery and met an avid collector. Years later that same collector who I had kept in touch with offered a few pieces for sale as she sought to redecorate her home. The deal was set and I traveled to New York City to pick up our copy of “The Equation of Time”. For context, it is worth noting that this is no ordinary book. This book is over 6 inches thick, weighs over a hundred pounds, has over 150 pages of images of some of Peter Lik’s favorite landscape shots printed on museum quality paper to display the vivid colours, and stands at 2 feet tall and almost 4 feet in width when open. A real back-breaker by any standard! Once in our possession, we immediately identified this as one of the most important and versatile art pieces we could get our hands on, serving as a live art piece that could
be flipped to match the mood of the day, or to characterize the space differently. It is now common knowledge among our team that the first person to arrive at the office in the morning is responsible for turning the page.

Theres a lot of inspiration to be drawn from a book like this containing decades of Peter Lik’s work. Jesse sees the Equation of Time book as a representation of the sheer commitment required to capture the beauty and thrilling views that nature has to offer. He draws inspiration from the hands-on and relentless approach that Liks photography represents; he works through the short term pain and challenges of a landscape where the angle, position, lighting, and weather conditions change daily in order to capture the perfect shot. Peter Liks ability to see past these ever changing challenges to find that perfect shot is similar to the way Jesse obsesses over and immerses himself in every sketch, sun study, and 3D model we produce through Sensus Design Studio. Jesse also finds great inspiration in this book because of his love for natural surroundings, as he often designs his own art around the natural features that most would consider to be “in the way”. Whether it is working with the unique grading of a lot, or creating detailed exterior landscaping plans that incorporate specific plant selections next to windows to create a sense of “lushness”
within the home, Jesse is no stranger to prioritizing and highlighting the natural beauty that surrounds his designs. After all, it is beauty that can’t be replicated.

Peter Lik held a similar sentiment that can be seen throughout “The Equation of Time” which was published in 2011. The book is named after one of Lik’s most famous photographs, which is featured on the cover and is the focus of the book. The photograph was taken in Antelope Canyon in Arizona and features a beam of light illuminating the canyon walls, creating a striking contrast between light and shadow.

The book features a collection of Lik’s landscape photographs from around the world, including images of the American Southwest, Australia, and New Zealand. The images are presented in a large format and are accompanied by commentary by Lik about his approach to photography and his experiences in the field.

The book is divided into four chapters, each with a different theme. The first chapter, titled “Energy,” features images of dynamic and dramatic landscapes, including thunderstorms and lightning strikes. The second chapter, “Timeless,” features images of natural beauty and serenity, including sunsets, waterfalls, and rainbows. The third chapter, “Mystery,” features images of more abstract and mysterious landscapes, including misty forests and swirling rock formations. The fourth and final chapter, “Equation of Time,” focuses on the photograph of the same name, as well as other images that capture the beauty and power of light in nature.

Throughout the book, Lik provides insight into his artistic process and the technical aspects of his photography, including his use of large format cameras and his approach to composition and lighting. The book also includes a foreword by actor William Shatner, who describes Lik’s work as “awe-inspiring” and “spiritually uplifting.”

Overall, “The Equation of Time” is a visually stunning and thought-provoking book that showcases the best of Peter Lik’s landscape photography. It is a must-read for anyone interested in landscape photography or the beauty of the natural world.

About The Artist

Peter Lik was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1959 and began his career as a photographer in the late 1970s.

Lik is known for his use of large format cameras and his ability to capture the beauty and power of nature in his photographs. He has traveled extensively to capture his images, including trips to locations such as the American Southwest, Australia, and New Zealand.

Some of Lik’s most famous photographs include “Ghost,” “Tree of Life,” and “One.” Lik’s work has been featured in galleries and museums around the world, and he has received numerous awards for his photography.

In addition to his work as a photographer, Lik has also been involved in various philanthropic projects, including the creation of the Peter Lik Foundation, which supports various charitable causes related to the environment, education, and the arts.


Peter Lik is a highly acclaimed landscape photographer who has won numerous awards for his work. Some of his most notable awards and honors include.

Master Photographer of the Year: In 2011, Lik was named Master Photographer of the Year by the Professional Photographers of America, the highest honor given by the organization.

Nature’s Best Photography Windland Smith Rice International Awards: Lik has been a frequent winner in this prestigious nature photography competition, winning the top prize in the landscape category in 2004, 2007, and 2010.

Epson International Pano Awards: Lik has won multiple awards in this competition, which celebrates panoramic photography. He was named Photographer of the Year in 2010 and 2013.

International Photography Awards: Lik has won multiple awards in this global photography competition, including the Lucie Award for Fine Art Photographer of the Year in 2010 and the IPA’s top prize, the Photographer of the Year award, in 2016.

Hasselblad Masters Award: In 2016, Lik was named a Hasselblad Master, one of the most prestigious awards in the field of photography.

Overall, Peter Lik’s awards and accolades are a testament to his skill and vision as a landscape photographer. His work has been idely recognized and celebrated, and he has inspired countless photographers and art lovers around the world with his stunning images of the natural world.

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