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Home Design & Construction in Oakville and Burlington

With a population of over 193,832 people, Oakville and Burlington are bustling Southern Ontario cities and are rich in history and are well known for their luxury homes.

With such high market potential across the Oakville and Burlington communities, savvy homeowners and investors are turning to experienced architects, interior design and construction experts that understand how to maximize a property’s potential.

Sensus Design and Build specializes in the successful undertaking of integrated design and build projects that utilize a range of strategies to efficiently produce not only valuable assets, but functional and timeless homes that meet your families needs. We work within a range of stylistic disciplines and, because we are in control of the means to production, our team is able to consistently maintain inter-firm communication. The benefits of this structure is that there is both very little re-work through the construction process, less than 3% in-fact, as well as a far more efficient timeline for the development of the body of work as well as the planning process. Prior to construction, you will understand exactly what your new home will look like and cost through the use of our design-price check model that allows us to confirm financial feasibility at numerous phases. We will also provide 3D renderings of both the interior and exterior of the home in order to provide you with a firm understanding of every angle.

Building or renovating in Oakville or Burlington? Complete a Project Feasibility Study.

One of the hardest parts of any new build or renovation is knowing that your building contractor or project manager can provide you with an ‘end-to-end’ solution. Considerations such as zoning restrictions, building permits as well as mandatory requirements for designated heritage structures are key elements required to achieve project success.

Our firm seeks to avoid complications through this process by offering a project feasibility study. Being an isolation of the first phase of each of our services packaged together, the feasibility study will provide you with a clear overview of zoning by-laws, architectural design costs, interior design costs, and construction costs. From this point, you will have a clear understanding of the process, and strategy that we believe should be applied to your project in order to achieve the most efficient result from a cost and timeline perspective.

Clients are always front of mind when undertaking and construction projects

We understand clients want to be involved in the process from start to finish, without being involved in the process from start to finish. When it comes to adding your personal touch to a new construction project or existing build, we have the resources and structure to ensure that your involvement is requested at the points we know it will be most effective.

As you we go through the process together, our architectural design division, interior design division, and construction division ensure that your personal objectives are met. Every plan starts with a sound exit strategy that provides all parties with a clear objective.

Looking to bring back the past with a Heritage-style Oakville or Burlington home? We can help

If you have been fortunate enough to become the proud owner of one of the heritage homes of Oakville and Burlington’s glorious past, don’t think that your options are limited when it comes to renovating your heritage style home.

Our architectural design, interior design, and construction divisions have a wealth of experience in ensuring your restoration project possesses the reliability, functionality, and modern luxuries that are required to retain value and meet today’s building codes.

Sensus Design and Build use innovative technology to bring you closer to your new home

One of the hardest elements of any new build, renovation or restoration project is for you – as the client – to be able to visualize what it will be like once the team have been through and done the work.

Our firm employs the latest 3D technology to offer clients the unique experience of walking through your home, room by room and all around the exterior to ensure that all the spaces are functional, that the flow is right and that the design supports your family’s day to day lifestyle.

With the team behind Sensus Design and Build, your Oakville or Burlington new build, renovation or restoration is in safe hands. Have a look at our portfolio for some recent examples of our firms best work.

Looking for your next dream home design and build in Oakville or Burlington? Speak to the experienced architectural design, interior design, and construction experts on the Sensus Design and Build team today!

Get a breakdown of your project

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