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Historic Homes

From the pages of history, many old Toronto homes require significant structural and cosmetic repairs in order to provide their owners with the modern amenities that support a functional lifestyle. From classic cottages, colonial homes, victorian homes, and any other structure over a hundred years old, historic homes offer something that no other building or design style can.

With exterior materials largely comprised of brick and stone work, the beauty of a historic home rises up from its foundations. With pitched roofs supporting chimneys for open fireplace warmth, through to decorative window & door skirtings, there are many delightful design features that have been a favourite for many Canadians looking to renovate a historic property. This category of home provides benefits that not many homes can.

From dramatic peaks, to detailed masonry, exterior woodwork, polished timber floor boards, decorative crown moulding, and decorative timber features, there is always merit in incorporating feature of the past into the new design.  Through this meticulous process, our construction team, architectural design team, and interior designers will work with you to create your bespoke historic home.

Sensus Design and Build can bring your historic home to life with quality timeless design, interior design and restoration services

When looking into the design and remodelling of your historic home, the Sensus Design and Build team can bring to life the beauty of history while employing innovative modern design techniques and infrastructural retrofit options to ensure you get the most functional, efficient, and livable space for your family.

While the historic homes of past often offered small spaces and bedrooms, with an architecturally inspired historic renovation, you can seamlessly blend the best of the old with the new. We are able to offer open plan living, all while bringing the true character of classic design style of the past to life.

The construction or renovation of your historic home requires skilled craftsman, not simply building contractors. The historic homes of yesteryear boasted techniques that have lasted hundreds of years, so unlike modern practices used in today’s spec homes, historic homes require a very detail oriented and customized approach to ensure the historic value of the structure is respected.

Capture the essence of your historic home with Sensus Design and Build

To fully capture the essence of the historic home style, our firm will provide specialized interior design parameters that will ensure your historic home thrives in its new setting. Bringing the beautiful window dressings, fixtures, fittings and lighting arrangements that were championed in the past in a new and modern way, your home will be truly transformed.

Whether your project is a renovation and addition or a restoration project by nature; our team will take the time to review your vision, review the historic structure you are looking to work on and provide a comprehensive feasibility report for  you outlining all design, construction and architectural design costs that are foreseeable within the proposed scope of work.

We give you the peace of mind that your historic Toronto home is in good hands.

Our scope of work documentation will provide you with peace of mind as you know where the costs are going, when, and why – complete transparency. Sensus Design and Build will always be happy to work with alternative quotes, contractors and material suppliers to ensure you get your historic home built the way it should be.

Using our experienced team of contractors, interior designers, builders and architectural designers, we’ve collated a complete team of historic home renovation and restoration experts.

With historic homes there may be materials that, through heritage listing or personal preference, require to be sourced from boutique suppliers from afar. Our firm can undertake the painful sourcing out of your task list to ensure your historic home build is not only enjoyable to live in, but a pleasure to build.

Speak to our team today to learn more about the possibilities for your historic home.

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