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Architecture Services – Historic Home Restoration


Preliminary Investigation

Timeline: 1 Month
At the onset of the process, our firm will carefully document the existing structure in its current form down to the millimeter.
We achieve this by utilizing scanning software that has the capability to outline everything about the existing structure, right down to the profile of the crown moulding for replication purposes. From this point, we will be able to outline areas that require modification, and complete on-site investigation into the composition of those areas in order to asses how far-reaching the structural modifications will be.

Design Developments

3-6 months (including C of A if required)
Our firm will undertake a series of one on one design meetings with you on a schedule that respects your lifestyle and maintains the consistency that keeps the creative thoughts flowing.
From this point we will complete in-office sketching, reviews of inspiration photos, and present our thoughts on the best way to proceed. Historic home restorations require a firm understanding of past construction methods as well as the ability to keenly re-construct certain elements that quietly and effectively improve the functionality of the home. Our notable experience in the successful assessment and re-construction of historic structures leverage our interest in preserving the timeless value that many of these structures have to offer.

Structural Re-design Process

1 Month
Maintaining an existing structure doesn’t mean that you have to be happy with what you have.
Our team has notable experience in completing complicated structural modifications that add both architectural and functional value to each complete custom home renovation project we undertake. Through his process of thoughtful integration of modern amenities and spatial divisions, your home will undergo an unrecognizable transformation.

Historic Review Committee Approval

1 Month
Our integrated approach to design allows us to play a far-reaching role in the assessment, design, and meticulous modification process of historic structures.
As a result, our team is well equipped to seamlessly integrate design related or structural elements of the home that are required to be maintained by historic review committees. In many cases, the requirements of these committees are solely related to preserving the historic significance of the structure and the role it plays in the neighbourhood scenery. Our firm is of the opinion that the restoration and reintegration of these integral architectural features will amplify the design and increase its timeless value.

On-site Inspections Process

Occurs up to 6 times throughout the process
Through the initial phases of a historic home restoration process, our firm will play an active role in helping navigate the required renovation scope.
In order to undertake this successfully we will phase the process as necessary in order to slowly narrow down all questions associated with the composition of the structure through destructive investigation. From there, our specialized software will allow us to record every detail related to the size, shape, and composition of the structure down to the profiles of even the most complicated detail as additional layers are discovered.