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Georgian Style Home Design & Construction

Georgian home design and construction has long been admired for its symmetrical design, decorative elements and classic proportions.

Earmarked with symmetry and hallmarks of the Renaissance design period, these tall, often two or more storey homes were extremely rigid in their symmetry, door and window placements as well as the internal room configurations.

With a hip roof – often with dormers – Georgian style homes are focused on reinforcing symmetry, and incorporated chimneys, which were often protruding from the tile roofs used predominantly in this period. With the windows & doors arranged in a grid-like fashion, wooden frames & decorative pieces were used to skirt these both internally and externally to provide accent to the building.

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Popular in the upper and middle classes around Canada and the USA during the times of colonization, the Georgian style home has a beautiful exterior design and the interiors are filled will detail and opulence.

Internally, the entryways of homes of this style were often very grand and included staircases, entry foyers, and/or large entertaining halls/spaces. When it comes to the colonies such as Canada and Australia, the Georgian style houses were built using alternative materials such as wood with clapboards, with even the columns begin constructed from timber.

Furniture, fixtures, and fittings were grand, bespoken, and beautiful. From decorative lighting solutions, through to ornate decor, antique wooden dining tables, crockery cabinets and wall fixtures are all part of the interior design that was part and parcel to homes of this nature. Our firm can assist you in delivering your Georgian dream home in order to make your vision a reality.

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When it comes to recreation, emulation, renovation or restoration of timeless Georgian homes, our teams of designers, architects, and project managers can successfully see through a design of this nature.

From the intricate details of the zoning and planning processes, to attaining your permits, and through to finalizing the finest of functional and efficient features in and around your new home, Sensus Design and Build can take you back to an era of beautiful living.

Just because you want the Georgian style, our design team understands that you may also want to add elements of modern or contemporary design as well – the choice is yours. Through innovative 3D rendering technology, our team can provide you with a photorealistic view of the exterior design as well as the interior design, allowing you to review every space and aspect. This approach will ensure that we have captured your vision for your Georgian style home, while also creating spaces for you and your family to enjoy.

We’re proud to create Georgian style homes of distinction

It is not only about the delivery of a timeless Georgian home, it is about working in a transparent, accountable, and collaborative manner that ensures our teams are working within your budget, your timelines, and of course your specific lifestyle supporting requirements for your new home.

Sensus Design and Build are proud to be the end-to-end, turnkey solutions providers for your next home design and building project and can provide you with valuable insights, knowledge and updates every step of the way.

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