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Always dreamed of owning and living in your our own French Chateau? Our firm has the capabilities to design French Chateau style homes from beginning to end. Heralding from the French word that describes builds from medieval fortresses, renaissance palaces, and 19th century country houses; French Chateau design is lavish and luxurious in style and design.



However historic this style may be, many modern French Chateau Style home designs can also portray modern adaptations of this style often taking into consideration how to make the house not only gracious, but also comfortable and functional. Our firm will play a far reaching role in this process through all facets of what is required to successfully develop and oversee the construction of a timeless example of this category of design.


Want to create a French Chateau style home in Ontario?

Sensus Design and Build can help The French Chateau style consists of exteriors constructed of stone or rendered brick, and roof height options that offer a range of spires or multiple pitched roofs to provide the image of multiple spaces and sprawling space within. Large windows and doors framed in with a combination of metal, wood, and stone trimming bring the styles natural colour tones to life. Outdoor lighting is then effectively positioned around the outside of the home, like the fire lanterns of past centuries to again promote the grandeur of the home to a level hard to emulate.


As soon as you walk through the often-oversized doors of your French Chateau (in either glass or solid wood for effect) you will enter grand rooms with tall ceilings, chandeliers and pendant lights that give off the desired effects of a medieval French Chateau for all to enjoy.


Our contractors and designers can create the perfect look and feel for your French Chateau style home
Modern conveniences such as in-floor-heating allow you to include polished concrete flooring, Terrazzo, tiles or similar materials that can be modelled to emphasise the look and feel of the opulence enjoyed back in the Renaissance period. Whatever it is you have in mind for your interior design or exterior design, our interior designers, architectural designers, and construction team can craft the ultimate French Chateau home of your dreams.


Paramount to your French Chateau is the use of stone, tiles, mirrors and natural tones in the interiors to
decorate the wet areas and rooms around the home to truly create an inspired home. Creating your own French Chateau style home comes not only down to wanting to do it, but having the skills in design, architecture, interior design, and the craftsmanship that will bring your French Chateau to life.
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Sensus Design and Build proudly creates French Chateau style homes across Ontario for many happy home owners, adapting the to their personal specifications and the conditions of the Canadian seasons.


Ensuring that the finer details of the home design are kept intact, we can work with clients to introduce
adaptations from other styles – such as modern, contemporary, and others – to bring additional flare and
accent to the property. French Chateau design can also be incorporated into existing structures, both internally and externally through renovations or restorations of existing structures you may be interested in or currently own. On a technical level, the diligence behind offering turn-key solutions in this category of architectural design is paramount to the end product. The construction team, interior designers, and architectural design team at Sensus Design and Build take the time to review sites and recommend a feasibility report, which offers our clients complete transparency into the possibilities for your site, the costs of architectural design, interior design and of course construction in order to give you clear steps forward to bringing your French Chateau style home to life.


Transparency, accountability, and an enjoyable process is what we offer our valued clients looking to bring their own touch of history through a French Chateau design to their property. If you’re looking to craft the perfect French Chateau style home design for your home reach out to us today.


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