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Architecture Services – Custom Homes


Custom Home Design Development

Timeline: 3-6 months (including C of A if required)
Undertaking meaningful and functional design of luxury custom homes requires a high degree of personalized planning to ensure that the major elements perfectly meet your creative and functional requirements.
We pride ourselves on our method of analyzing your needs and developing innovative solutions that are precisely fitted to your lifestyle and personal taste. Our team of designers apply years of project experience and material knowledge to create architecture that offers a combination of timeless visual appeal and unmatched functionality. We work with you through the design development process, prepare documentation, obtain the necessary permits, and closely supervise the construction process to ensure you get what is truly a custom-made home.

Municipal Zoning Approvals

Timeline: 1-2 Months
We support the zoning approval process by paying close attention to te concerns and perceived obstacles associated with our proposal mentioned by other stakeholders.
We do this because of our ability to provide flexible solutions that respect these concerns, add architectural value to any area work within, all while ensuring the intended result is achieved for our clients. We understand that the developments we design and build are not only significant to our clients, but are going to be a long term fixture in the neighbourhood we complete them in. It is for this reason that we pay close attention to the presence we have in each area that we operate in.

Structural Design Process

1 Month
The structure of your home is what makes a stunning final product a possibility.
Our team has notable experience in completing complicated structural designs that add both architectural and functional value to each and every custom home project we undertake. Through his process of thoughtful integration of modern amenities and spatial divisions, your home will take shape into a product that suits your lifestyle.

Construction Cost Efficiency Reviews

Occurs 2 times throughout the process
We are able to optimize the building methods we require for each project we complete through our in-house construction team in order to capitalize on the numerous strengths of our diverse staff.
Construction cost efficiency reviews ensure that at the most basic level, our team is being responsible with your funds. We understand that an oversize structural member or overly complicated structural design does not add value to your build. As a result, we will seek to find efficiencies while maintaining the upmost structural integrity standards. This process is optimized through a series of constructibility and cost efficiency reviews that serve to avoid any undesired outcomes while significantly reducing rework and over expenditure.

On-Site Construction Process Inspections

Occurs up to 6 times throughout the process
In order to oversee the construction process smoothly we will undertake on-site audit inspections at various milestones throughout the process in order to ensure that specific requirements that are integral to both the structure and the design are upheld.
Our 3D models of the home at this phase will allow our team to determine any challenges related to structural or mechanical design plans well in advance of the construction start date. This digital outline also provides significant value to our contractors as it fills in the blanks and also serves to reduce the percentage of re-work through the construction process by avoiding miscommunications and misinterpretations.