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Advantages of the Design and Build Construction Model

By John Luke

Advantages of the Design and Build Construction Model

If you are considering building a new home, taking on a complicated renovation, or renovating an older home, the design and build model will help streamline the renovation and construction process for you as a homeowner. The design and build model provides the homeowner with a more enjoyable and reliable experience. Instead of having to coordinate with multiple consultants and trades, the homeowner only needs to coordinate with one project lead in the design and build process, and can rest assured that the work will be done to the highest standard.

Learn more about the benefits of the design and build construction model and how it could be right for your next major home project:

Simplified Process for Homeowner

The design and build model offers a smooth in-house process that reduces the burden on the client throughout the entire construction project. Instead of having to chase and coordinate with three separate consultants (and likely more), the homeowner’s role in the design and build model is largely composed of overall design decisions – leaving the rest to the project manager to coordinate. All you must do is decide what you would like your house to look like and watch your visions come to life.

Reduced Timelines

The design and build model often offers a quicker project completion timeline, as everything is coordinated by one team. This in-house capacity drastically reduces communication and coordination time between the multiple parties and trades involved in the design and construction process, limiting down-time and paused periods spent waiting on the next team to arrive.

Increased Accountability

When you are working with multiple firms and consultants to achieve your home renovation or build, it is easy for there to be communication issues where complications are missed, and important details fall through the cracks. However, with the design and build construction model, one firm is handling the entire process and is thus accountable for overseeing the success of the whole project – from start to finish, foundation to roof.

Seamless Design

When you work with an architectural design and build construction company, the design and build teams work together in-house to make sure your dream home is both beautiful and feasible. Too often, you will spend money on a designer and draft plans that are left unapproved by the builder due to flaws in the structure. With the design and build model, the builder reviews the plans prior to permit submission to ensure the project can be completed as envisioned.

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