At Sensus, we understand that a home should be something more than a mass-produced commodity.

  • Design Development
  • City Zoning Approval
  • Municipal Approval
  • Building Permit Approval
  • 3D Models

Interior Design

Our experience in organizational design planning enables us to perfectly accommodate your renovation and addition project.

  • Interior Finish Plans
  • Lighting Plans
  • Cabinetry Plans
  • Interior Material Selection
  • 3D Interior Models


Our flexible structure allows us to complete renovation and addition projects quickly, efficiently, and with respect for your budget.

  • Project Management
  • Weekly Progress Updates
  • Monthly Financial Updates
  • Site Safety Inspections
  • Client Project Walkthroughs


Sensus Design & Build was founded as an architectural design, interior design, and construction firm based in Toronto, ON. John-Luke & Jesse Sahlani established Sensus Design & Build after individually acquiring architectural design and construction expertise, with a goal of bringing a one-stop-shop experience to their clients. The benefits of this approach have been proven over the years, with close to 400 unique custom projects being efficiently executed, and over 1500 timeless design visions developed. Our streamlined service avoids communications delays, improves construction timelines, enhances cost management capabilities and ensures accountability throughout all stages of the project.


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1. What is a feasibility study and why is it important for my project?

The feasibility study utilizes the range of expertise available to us (architectural design, interior design, and construction) in order to provide interested homeowners with a clear breakdown of the zoning by-laws, design costs, construction scope of work, and construction budget. This feasibility study is accurate within 10-15% and does not include design examples.

2. Does Sensus Design and Build take on projects where the client only wants an architectural design completed for their home?

Each of our divisions is able to offer its services to clients. With that said, we always recommend going forward with the full design and build experience for efficiency purposes.

3. What size projects does Sensus Design and Build focus on?

We cater to large scale renovations and additions as well as custom homes. The typical project cost starts around the $150,000 mark for smaller interior renovations and ranges up to $3,500,000 in construction costs. The average square footage of the projects we work on ranges between 1,000 sq/ft and 20,000 sq/ft.

4. How long does the average project take from start to finish?

Normally, the average design and build project takes between 12-14 months in total depending on the nature and scope of the project. Typically, the design process ranges from 4-6 months, while the on-site construction process ranges from 8-10 months.

5. What type of design does Sensus Design and Build focus on mainly?

We are adept at designing under a wide range of design disciplines including Modern, Contemporary, English Cottage, Traditional, French Chateau, English Country, French Provincial, Art Deco, Victorian, and Modern Farmhouse.

6. Who will be my main point of contact through the process?

John-Luke and Jesse Sahlani, the managing partners of the firm will assist you in the creation of your scope of work by completing a feasibility study for your project. From there, all necessary price checks, permit submissions, and on-site construction will be seen through by a team who works closely under John-Luke and Jesse’s direction. The principles involvement in each and every project committed to by the firm is an important standard that is keenly upheld.


Project Planning

When in control of the means to production, our team is able to understand and account for details that impact all facets of the project from an early phase. These details are then able to be smoothly translated to a finished product on site.

Process & Communication

Our clients receive the benefit of working with one team throughout the design development, construction planning, and construction phases. This centralized approach reduces errors leading to re-work, and supports swift decision making when changes are needed.

Budget & Quality

Our structure allows us to price check our designs at multiple phases through the design development process. The result is an increased standard of financial literacy for our clients that helps them make the best decisions for their family’s home.

After Construction Care

Our quality control standards are stringent, and our warranty reflects this. Every project we touch is covered with a 2 year warranty on mechanical and finishing related items, while a 7 year warranty is placed on structural components.

Project Feasibility Study

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