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2018 Design Trends For Your Home

By John Luke

2018 Design Trends For Your Home

There is a lot to be said about being ‘on trend’ when it comes to any form of design. From fashion, technology, food, TV shows…one minute they’re hot, the next they’re not.

Home design trends need to be introduced with far more care and thought. Some design trends can date easily (remember shag pile carpet anyone!) or they are a throwback to an era that has come and gone, leaving potential buyers scratching their heads over your design choices.

So, what are the top design trends of 2018?

When it comes to interior and exterior design and construction trends, your home should always be considered in a holistic sense.

If you’re keen to be on trend with all the latest design ideas, we’ve put together some of the current ‘must have’ design ideas in the home for you to explore.

Bring back the 70’s!

You heard right; the 70’s are back with all its glitz and disco glamour. Velvet, geometric patterns, warm pallets and funky textures are all the rage. Bringing the 70’s style into your rooms can add personality beyond the clean and often clinical feel of modern design and incorporate the extra edge you’re looking for in home décor.

With the ability to be added to almost any building, 1970’s styling brings with it colour, flare and warmth. The 1970’s is something that can be considered in any design. With not only new manufacturers jumping on this trend, retro 70’s furnishings can be found just about anywhere to bring this style back to life.

Invisible Doors


Invisible doors

From pantry cupboards, liquor cabinets, interconnecting door through to whole rooms – the trend has moved from ‘less is more’ through to ‘not there at all’ in the door department.

Invisible or wall sliding doors add ‘wow factor,’ and with a simple push, a wall opens up to a whole room, cupboard or something more. Achieved through pivot hinges and trim that continues along the surface, the ‘invisible door’ can create an element of style – and secrecy – that can really add superior functionality and style to your home.


Designer lighting 

Lighting is one of the most important elements of any home. Ensuring the light is warm and welcoming rather than simply white, cold ceiling lighting is one of the new trends of 2018. Lamps have moved from the side tables of your bedroom to ‘statement lighting’ commanding prominent places in and around your home. Slim line, finer, ‘minimalist’ pieces are ‘on trend’ and taking over from ‘industrial’ heavier pieces of the past few years.

Brass fittings

Brass is back! From tap ware, mixers, towel rails through to door handles and even kitchenware – brass has moved from Victorian-era homes into the modern fit outs of 2018! With modern style and functionality, brass brings class and opulence to even the smallest spaces.

Whether you’re looking for a high-quality look or you’d love to just explore the world of brass, incorporating this metallic alloy palate into your home décor will add the stylistic elements you crave paired with a sturdy and durable material that blends with a wide range of materials and colours.

Happy and healthy homes

With a lot of self-discovery, a focus on ‘healthy & wellbeing’ and ensuring happiness is at the front of mind for everyone – 2018 is a year of happy homes. From vibrant rugs, cheerful ornaments through to fun artwork lining the walls of homes around the globe – happiness is on trend.

Removing art that is dark and mysterious and bringing some fun to your walls is on trend and might just give you and your family the dose of cheer they need to keep healthy.

Something old & something new

With the world becoming a much smaller place, ornaments from around the world that are both old and new can create an interesting feature and focus on specific areas of your home.

From beautiful craft from indigenous communities through to artwork done by the faraway cultures of the world – artifacts and trinkets don’t need to be old to add impact to your home.

Tech-free spaces

These days, we’re connected more than ever and what started out as a mobile phone the size of a brick and a computer the size of a building has become homes that are connected by AI, phones that we can wear on our wrists and social networks that absorb our time and sanity.

The creation of ‘disconnected spaces’ are becoming vital and are on trend in 2018. A room or a space with a window looking to the outside, couches with magazines, books and a coffee table all designed to promote conversations, relaxation and disconnection from technology are fast becoming a design trend in savvy circles of homeowners.

Tiles shouldn’t simply be square

Tiles are not simply tiles anymore. Putting square tiles all nicely in a row won’t cut it in 2018. From herringbone, subway tile, geometric patterns and concrete tiles filled with large stones – tiles are much more adventurous than they have been in the past.

When you’re next looking at your new build or renovation project, tiles for flooring, walls and backsplashes shouldn’t simply match; they should be creative, fun and beautiful.

Re-think your sink

Sinks are now a focal point of any space they adorn. From hanging bathroom sinks that look like they are floating on air, through to the classic ‘farmhouse’ sink found in the most modern of kitchens – sinks are a statement, not just a place to wash dishes or your hands.

Don’t settle for your standard sink, explore the options and make your sink one to remember for all the right design reasons.

Trends in summary

2018 is the year of health, happiness and reaching back to the best parts of our history and making them relevant once more in the design elements of a home.

Before starting a new home build or renovation project, speaking with interior design experts can put you on the right track on the trends that not only look great but can create spaces of functionality, beauty and that promote the ultimate wellbeing for you and your family.

Interested in exploring the latest trends in the interior design of your new home or renovation? Speak to the expert team at Sensus Design and Build today and enjoy the trends of 2018 today and into the years to come.

We offer a high degree of personalized planning and create stylistic elements at that creative and functional. Get in touch today and explore the comprehensive Sensus Design and Build interior design process.

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